Why Posteve?


Why Posteve?

By : Phil Oakley

Deciding on a topic for Posteve’s first ever blog post has taken at least 2 weeks. In the end, I’ve decided against doing a corporate blurb and rather just share my personal thoughts and perspective on why we created this service.

The idea for Posteve came after one too many “attempted” parcel deliveries. As an avid  online shopper (and incidental pedestrian),  I managed to achieve expert status in public transport aided navigation to almost all the courier sorting offices within a 10-mile radius.  Receiving my online purchases at work was out if the question,  as I worked in a small establishment where privacy was an unheard of thing. My parcel deliveries had in the past attracted an unhealthy amount of interest and it went without saying that this was an unsustainable option.
Delivery options for retailers and customers alike appear to be an indicator of how underevolved the logistics industry is in comparison to the e-commerce industry which has grown in leaps and bounds, especially in the last few years. It is now possible to purchase almost any item conceivable online, and bundle this with a preferred delivery option in just a few clicks. Add a scenario where the buyer lacks a concierge for a home which is empty during business hours, and e-commerce doesn’t appear that seamless after all.  Services which exist in response to this issue include collection of parcels from late-opening shops, collection from strategically located parcel lockers, collection from train stations and many others. These services address the issue to an extent, but largely depend on:
– parcels being relatively small and portable.
– customers having the means (and sometimes cost) to transport the parcels to their final destination.
In order to fulfil the needs of customers not covered by the above criteria, we at Posteve decided to offer an alternative service – one that focused on customer-dictated delivery, rather than collection. We want to make it easy for online shoppers to have their purchases delivered at home, and in the evenings.
It is still early days, but we definitely look forward to receiving feedback as this is one of the main factors which would dictate what direction we grow in.

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