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    How long do you hold my parcels for?

    We can hold your parcels for as long as you like, however the first 7 days are free. From the 8th day your parcel is held with us, we will charge a flat fee of £1 per day, regardless of how many parcels you have.

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    Do you let me know when to expect the driver with my parcel?

    We deliver your parcels between 5pm and midnight, but once the driver leaves our depot, we send you a text message with the estimated arrival time at yours. This is subject to traffic and road conditions, but please allow a 2 hour window around the estimated delivery time.

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    Can I leave a note for the driver?

    Yes, you can. If it is a note related to finding your house, please edit your address in your account area and add it there. If you ned to pass a message on to the driver after he/she has left the depot with your parcel, please text your message and username to our customer service text line: 07772478787.

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    What items can I not send to my Posteve box?

    Because of the limited amount of space allocated to each box, we ask that you do not send large and bulky items over 1m long on each side. If you do have any special requirements, please send them to us at team@posteve.com and we will try our best to accommodate them.

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We are dedicated to ensuring that your queries are adequately addressed. Please text your question to 07772478787 or e-mail us via the address below, and we’ll do our best to address your query satisfactorily.


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